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DRPU Barcode Software Automates Business Management

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Barcode in just machine readable code which is used for product identification where products are in bulk like Retail industry, Library, Warehousing industry, Health Care industry etc. Barcode technology provide most computerized business management and maintenance system. In other words we can sya that barcode system automates the process of business management and tracking by reducing manual paper work.  
DRPU Barcode Softwarefulfils all the requirement of perfect barcode maker application.This Software allows users to print multiple barcode images of different shape and size on single paper like A4 sheet. Barcode Software is used to automate the process of business tracking by reducing manual paper work.

Multi Features of DRPU Barcode Software:
•    Design printable barcode labels
•    Inbuilt email setting to send created barcode images
•    Print multiple barcode images
•    Support standard fonts like Linear and 2D
•    Add picture, text, signature, header and footer
•    Background color and label editing setting

 Advantages of Barcode Software:
•    Record all transactions with every aspects accurately
•    Eliminate paper work for recording data
•    Provide error free data entry
•    Automatically update quantity after purchase for controlling stock
•    Identify all product details including price

Scope of Barcode Software:
•    Healthcare industry
•    Warehousing industry
•    Retail industry
•    Shipping
•    Telecom
•    Packaging industry

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Click here to download free trial version of DRPU Barcode Software